Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hey guys!

This is just a quick and (probably) dull post as I haven't posted in what seems like, or has been, forever. The lack of posts was due to having an old laptop which couldn't seem to function properly when it came to editing photos/writing a post, so I saved up and have got myself a new laptop!

So... I'm back! I'm aiming to get a little review up for you within the next few days :-) Time to cure these blogging withdrawal symptoms!

Alice x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette: Review

Hello everyone!

I think I have an obsession forming. After trying the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette (review here) and loving it, I knew I had to venture out and pick up another one. I had been lusting over the Undressed Palette for a while, so a couple of weeks ago I went and picked it up! ...and I have fallen head over heels in love all over again - and not only with the price.

The MUA Undressed Palette consists of a variety of neutral shades: beiges, browns, greys, pinks, and even a blue-black toned shade. Most of the shadows have shimmery finishes, but they're definitely not too overwhelming in the shimmer department so don't shy away just because of this. Along with the shimmery shades, there are also a few matte finishes too! 

Overall, this palette is utterly amazing. I find that the shadows last well all day and don't crease at all. The shimmery shades are all super creamy and extremely pigmented, where as the matte shades 3 & 5 I found were a lot harder to swatch - whether this be because they are beige toned or not very pigmented I don't know. But considering that out of 12 shades only two are a tad naff, it is undoubtedly worth the £4 price tag! I know, I know. The price is always such a shocker. 

I would definitely recommend trying this eyeshadow palette out yourselves (and guilt free too, as you won't be breaking the bank!) There are so many other gorgeous palettes by MUA ranging from £4-£8, which I would also recommend having a look at!

The MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette retails at just £4 and is available to buy here (when it's in stock!), or you can also try Superdrug

What do you think of the MUA Undressed Palette? Do you own any other MUA Palettes? I would love to know!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Everyday Neutral Makeup Look

Hello everyone! 

First of all, excuse my slightly puffy eye in the main photo. The skin under my eye is being a total butt - it's so dry! Does anyone know any products which could help with this? 

I thought I'd upload a little tutorial on an everyday neutral makeup look, as I've never done a post like this before so thought I'd give it a go! This is the sort of makeup look I would wear to sixth form, out shopping for the day etc. I normally stick to quite neutral colours and don't go too bold on the eye as I never like to look too dolled up during the daytime (...or just because I'm usually in a rush to leave the house). 

What I used for this look (in order)

- Benefit The POREfessional all over my face.
- Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in ''Classic Beige''; again covering my whole face.
- Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in ''Soft Beige'' under the eyes and on any other blemishes.
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in ''Transparent'' all over my face.
- Sleek Blush in ''Flushed'' on the cheeks.
- W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder to contour.
 - Sleek Face Contour Kit Highlight on my cheekbones.
- Unnamed brown eyeshadow for the brows.
- Maybelline Colour Tattoo in ''On and On Bronze'' all over the lid.
- MUA Heaven and Earth Palette ''Shade 1'' all over the lid, and ''Shade 7'' on the outer lid and crease.
- Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara on the lashes.
- MUA Lipstick in Shade 2 on my lips.

I switch this look up a little bit on at least a weekly basis, and experiment with different neutral shades of eyeshadow almost every day. I know I'm no makeup artist at all but I thought I would just share this look with you all. I'm also sorry that the pictures aren't of the best quality to show the makeup, my camera isn't the best one going! Are there any good and fairly decent priced camera's anyone could recommend?

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Would you like to see me do more makeup look posts? If so, what looks would you like to see? 

Monday, 17 February 2014

L'oreal Colour Riche 353 Blueberry Crystal - Review

Hey guys!

Ages ago, my mum bought herself the L'oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Blueberry Crystal, never used it and ended up giving it to me. I was thrilled, as this was probably my 2nd lipstick I had ever owned - and I didn't have to pay a penny! 

The shade Blueberry Crystal is a rather unusual nude shade with a lot of glitter within it's formula. I'm not really a fan of glittery lipsticks and this is definitely far too overpowering in terms of the glitter. The shade is also not one to go for if you have tanned/olive skin, I do and it makes me look extremely washed out & ill. Although, on paler toned skin I have seen it looks a lot more complimentary, so I'm sure plenty of you would love this lipstick much more than I do! 

On the plus side, the texture of this lipstick is super creamy and is extremely smooth to apply to the lips, and the packaging is also very sophisticated!

This lipstick retails at £8.19 and you can buy it here. Fairly pricey for a drugstore lipstick but I wouldn't mind trying it in a different shade, as the texture and application is impressive!

Have you tried any of the L'oreal Colour Riche Lipstick? What is your favourite?
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick: Review

Hey guys!

About a month ago, I decided it was time to place my first ever order with Fragrance Direct. After hearing so many good things about the site and seeing for myself all the bargains they have, I picked up a few items. 

Two of the items I picked up were the lovely Calvin Klein Luxury Creme Lipstick's for only £1.99 (RRP £13.50). Wow! Such a great saving I just couldn't resist. I decided to got for the shades Orange Too and Sinful; but there are so many colour choices I struggled to decide what to get!

Left - Orange Too      Right - Sinful

These lipstick's have quite a thick consistency and are very pigmented. On application I found Orange Too to be a little bit more of a matte/dry texture than Sinful is, but I have not found it to actually be drying on the lips. The staying power of these lipstick's is incredible (better than most of my other lipsticks), although I do find myself re-applying on occasion, but that is the case with most darker/brighter lipsticks. 

At first glance the shade Orange Too may seem a little daring, but it's such a lovely orange/coral shade and I have worn this a lot even in the day time to sixth form as it isn't too in your face! Sinful is a lovely creamy pinky red colour and would look absolutely lovely on a night out.

Orange Too
Left - Orange Too          Right - Sinful
These lipsticks are amazing value at only £1.99, and you get 3.5g of product which is definitely a decent amount; especially for the price! You can view the other colours here.

Have you got any of these lipsticks? What is your favourite shade?

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Sunday, 9 February 2014


Hello everyone!

This week I have found myself doing a little (...a lot) of online browsing on Boohoo. Due to Valentine's day coming up in less than a weeks time, I've been on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear out! This time last year I would have shied away from almost every style of dress apart from the trusty little skater dress, but I'm enjoying experimenting with different styles now.

One style of dress which has been catching my eye this week is the swing dress. Similar to a smock dress in it's loose fitting, it seems to hang so beautifully and I would definitely say it's a style which would look flattering on most body types/shapes! The style can be easily dressed up and down, worn all year round and if I'm honest - I can feel them luring me in and calling my name. Maybe I should dislike them for causing my bank balance to drop?

Here are just a couple of swing dresses which have stood out to me the most on Boohoo, and one of these two is likely to be the main piece of my Valentine's Day outfit!

Left: Acid Wash Swing Dress • £18 HERE
Right: Tapestry Scoop Neck Swing Dress • £18 HERE

I think these are both perfect to either dress up or wear casually, and for £18 they are both such a steal! 

What're your views on the swing dress & what is your favourite style of dress?

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Mini Clothing Haul: Primark, New Look & More

 Hello everyone!

Despite trying to save up my money, I had a little shop the other day as a small treat for myself. I justified this spend to myself as they were all great prices and I'd be missing out if I didn't buy them! So I thought I would share the bits I picked up with you all.
1. PRIMARK - Daisy Print Floral Top - £6
2) DOROTHY PERKINS - Lace Top Socks - 3 for £6 - HERE (My plain black pair are in the wash!)
3) NEW LOOK - Black Popcorn Lightweight Oversize Jumper - £14.99 - HERE
4) BOOHOO - Oversized Smock Top - £8 - HERE

They're all such lovely additions to my wardrobe and I'm super happy with them! My favourite item is probably the Primark top; it's such a bargain at £6... I just couldn't not buy it. The little collar is so cute! 

Here's a closer look at the items:

Let me know if you would like me to do any lookbook type post featuring these items in the comments & I'd be happy to!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Blogger Made Me Buy It: TAG

I saw Kal from Cluttered Closet do 'The Blogger Made Me Buy It' Tag and I thought it looked like fun & would give you all some good blog recommendations, so here goes!

1) Who are your most influential bloggers?  Who are the ones that you really rely on for reviews and swatches?

I regularly find myself reading Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie's posts, as she blogs near enough every day and mostly features affordable products! Her reviews are very informative, with great pictures (which I think is really important), and they really give me a brilliant insight into whether I'd like to purchase a product or not. I also like Lily Pebbles, despite the fact that quite often she features high-end products; this month she has been focused purely on highstreet makeup which has been really helpful & perfect for me to read.

2) Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?

I've never bought a product purely because of one review! Just because I may rely on someone for their reviews, I always make sure I check out a few more reviews before purchasing, as everyone has different skin types & therefore different opinions on products. 

3) What is your most favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

Most probably my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. I use this almost every day either as a base or just as my eyeshadow and I love it. It's so quick to apply yet looks amazing! I couldn't imagine myself without this product now.

4) What is your least favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

I don't think I have ever actually bought something I've disliked yet due to blogs. Hopefully that day will never come!

5) Name 5 products you have bought recently as a result of blogs.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent, W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder, Rimmel Apocalips in 304 Eclipse, Calvin Klein Luxury Creme Lipstick in Sinful, and the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer!

6) Have you ever given into blogger hype? If so, which hype?

Yes I have! The Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent was definitely a blogger hype and I am not disappointed that I purchased this at all. Transparent was the hyped about shade too, which is perfect as it isn't really visible on the skin, so doesn't look cakey either, yet still gives you a lovely matte finish to your skin. It's such a great finishing touch to my face every day!

7) Have you ever avoided a blogger hype? If so, which hype?

I haven't purchased any of the Naked Palettes, but this is only down to the price. I would give in to the hype if I had a little more money in my pocket! I have also never purchased any of the Maybelline Baby Lips. I love Burt's Bee's Lip Balms, and I haven't heard all good reviews on the Maybelline Baby Lips, so I think I'll still to my trusty Burt's Bee's.

8) Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking out a review?

Unless there is something specific I'm looking for, I normally just end up popping into Boots or Superdrug and buying whatever seems to catch my eye. I would say it's a 50/50 as to whether I buy based on reviews or without reading reviews.

Let me know if you would like to see a full post on anything spoken about above. Feel free to do this tag too & tweet me at @alicebailey_ if you do, I'd love to read yours!

Monday, 20 January 2014


Hello everyone!

I'm sure we all spend far too much of our spare time online shopping, and I recently noticed one thing - for some reason I never venture any further out than clothes and shoes. So, I had a little browse at the bags on lots of highstreet websites and I'm so glad I did, there are so many little beauties out there, and at excellent prices too! 

These are my Top 5 Picks:

  1: TOPSHOP • Mini Cutwork Trim Backpack • £28 HERE
2. H&M • Black Shoulder Bag • £24.99 HERE
3. NEW LOOK  Black Snakeskin Panel Envelope Satchel  £12.99  HERE
4. RIVER ISLAND  Coral Large Satchel  £28  HERE
5. NEW LOOK  Black Contrast Tartan Panel Backpack  £15.99  HERE

Let me know what your favourite bag on the highstreet is at the moment in the comments below. I'm dying to get my hands on the gorgeous Topshop backpack!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette: REVIEW

Hello everyone!

Months ago now, I won Libby's lovely giveaway and never found enough time to write a post about it. So now after trying out the items for a number of months, I thought I'd write reviews on the items instead, starting with the MUA Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette :)

(Sorry for the shine)

My favourite item I received in the giveaway has got to be MUA's Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette! It features 12 gorgeous neutral shades, which are my favourite kind of eyeshadow shades! They are all shimmery shades; but don't let this put you off, it's not a crazy amount of shimmer, so you can still obtain a natural look! In fact, you can create so many gorgeous looks with this palette, and for just £4 - you'd be crazy not to give it a go.

The eyeshadows are contained in a plastic palette, along with a double ended sponge applicator brush; although I personally apply it with either my fingers or one of my own brushes. All of the shades are extremely pigmented and the formula is so soft and silky which makes blending a lot easier! Even the lightest shades are amazingly pigmented, which is shocking for a palette as cheap as this one is. The only downside I can think of is that there can be a little bit of fall out while applying, but this can be avoided if you take a little bit of care whilst applying and don't go too mad!

I'm dying to pick up the MUA Undress Me Too palette after trying this one - but I can never find it anywhere!

Let me know what MUA palette's you have tried and what your favourites are :)


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