Friday, 15 November 2013


Hello everyone!

Around Halloween time, I ventured out to my local Superdrug to pick up a few darker make-up items to complete my halloween look! I'd heard so many great things about the Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer's and had been dying to try one out for myself. So, straight away I was drawn to these, where I spotted the shade 304 'Eclipse', and immediately picked it up and decided this was the perfect shade for halloween, yet also a lovely autumn colour! 

Rimmel have done really well in creating a very edgy and classy packaging to this product, which I think has a lovely effect to the whole 'Apocalips' theme and certainly makes it look almost exciting!

Now, the consistency of this product is just lovely! As most of you will be aware, a lip lacquer has a consistency in between a lip gloss and a lipstick, and this particular lip lacquer formula is super creamy and highly pigmented. The applicator is okay, but I find that sometimes the little well in the centre gets a little too much product collected in it, which can be a problem when it comes to the darker shades as you need a little less product and more precision and accuracy - so you have to be careful when applying.

The product isn't drying at all and moisturises my lips like a lip gloss would, and it isn't too sticky either! Despite all of the good things about this product, I was let down a little by the staying power. It will last an hour or so but will dry leaving a darker line around the outline of my lips. Now this is nothing a little top up won't fix, but when you just don't have the time, it can be slightly frustrating!

(Apologies for quality)
These pictures aren't quite capturing the intensity of the shade too well, but it is a lovely deep cherry shade and once applied leaves a shiny finish - much like a lip gloss!

Overall, I would say this product and shade is pretty damn great. For £6.49, I think it is brilliant value for what you are getting! The only downside for me would be the staying power, but this is the same for a lot of highstreet lip products. I'll most likely be picking up a few more in the near future!

Let me know what you think of this product and what shades you own or want to try :)

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil Review

Hello everyone!

I'm sure you have all heard a lot about the Collection Work The Colour eyeshadow pencils, and if you haven't - where have you been hiding?! After reading a couple of reviews on this product, I decided I would try it out for myself and picked one up. I chose to get the shade 'Gunmetal Glitz', purely because I was going out that night and wanted to create a nice smokey eye. After hearing that these are creamy, extremely pigmented, long-lasting and easily blendable, I was expecting a lot from this product... but, I was disappointed! 

At only £3.19, this product is an absolute bargain and I would say it is definitely worth the money, despite my displeasure! After swatching it (see below) I was pleasantly surprised, it does give a deeply pigmented and creamy consistency, and it seemed to be incredibly blendable. But, when applying this product to my eyelids, it all seemed to go on a downward spiral. 

Now, I'm not sure whether I just have annoying eyelids or maybe I'm even applying it wrong, but I found I had to push far too hard on my eyelid to get enough product on to even be able to blend it. My poor little (or big) eyeball just can't handle too much pressure, so I found it took me AGES to get enough product to work with. Then, when it came to blending, I found that it just didn't want to budge! It just stayed pretty much the same as how I drew it on - which isn't a good look. After some hard work and about 15 minutes later, I managed to get a decent looking smokey eye... but I was not impressed in the slightest. My advice is, if you're going to use this product, use it as a base for your eyeshadow. I have found that it works well that way, but just this product on it's own, especially for the outer eyelid and crease, just doesn't work for me at all!

I don't think I have read one bad review on this product, so I'm slightly nervous about posting this. Has anyone else found this product to not be all it's made out to be?! 

Please comment below your thoughts on this product, and any tips on how you use it :)


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