Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Hello everyone!
As you may all be aware, during my trip to Milton Keynes a few weeks ago I managed to finally get hold of some Sleek products. I fancied trying out one of their lip products, and after reading various reviews, I opted for one of their pout polishes, and I am not disappointed. 

After some extremely hard decision making, I chose to get the colour 946 Electro Peach. I was a bit nervous in trying this colour as the shade looks very bright and almost neon coloured. But fear not! You can easily control how intense the colour looks on your lips - so don't turn away! This lip conditioner is a lovely orangey-coral colour when on the lips. With a small amount applied you will have only a slight coral tint, but I like to layer it up most of the time to create a highly pigmented, bold colour! I wasn't expecting it to be capable of giving such colour to your lips, so I was pleasantly surprised. An extra bonus is that it contains SPF 15, so it is super protective and nourishing to your lips.

But it doesn't stop there! This lip conditioner has a lovely texture and is slightly creamy, so it isn't uncomfortable to wear in the slightest. It isn't as sticky as most lip balms/lip glosses are so your hair won't be getting stuck to your lips in the wind quite so much - I know how annoying that can be!

But, one of my favourite things about this product has got to be the scent. It has a lovely vanilla scent to it which you can originally smell when it's first on the lips but it disappears soon after. I wouldn't say it has a taste to it personally, but I've read some complain about it's taste... so I'm not quite sure what they're on about.

My only dislike with this product is that it is not very long-lasting throughout the day. I find myself reapplying fairly regularly, although the colour doesn't get completely lost, for me it leaves a drab stain on my lips which I'm not too keen on. But despite this, I still love it and have found myself wearing it nearly every day since buying it, and for £4.49, what is there to complain about?!


Finally there are some rather pout-y pictures of me wearing the lip conditioner on my lips. I don't think my camera captures it too well but you can still see the colour.

So if you love a highly pigmented lip conditioner, this is a must for you. I haven't tried any of the other colours in the Sleek Pout Polish range, but I definitely plan to :) You can purchase this product here.

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