Sunday, 9 February 2014


Hello everyone!

This week I have found myself doing a little (...a lot) of online browsing on Boohoo. Due to Valentine's day coming up in less than a weeks time, I've been on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear out! This time last year I would have shied away from almost every style of dress apart from the trusty little skater dress, but I'm enjoying experimenting with different styles now.

One style of dress which has been catching my eye this week is the swing dress. Similar to a smock dress in it's loose fitting, it seems to hang so beautifully and I would definitely say it's a style which would look flattering on most body types/shapes! The style can be easily dressed up and down, worn all year round and if I'm honest - I can feel them luring me in and calling my name. Maybe I should dislike them for causing my bank balance to drop?

Here are just a couple of swing dresses which have stood out to me the most on Boohoo, and one of these two is likely to be the main piece of my Valentine's Day outfit!

Left: Acid Wash Swing Dress • £18 HERE
Right: Tapestry Scoop Neck Swing Dress • £18 HERE

I think these are both perfect to either dress up or wear casually, and for £18 they are both such a steal! 

What're your views on the swing dress & what is your favourite style of dress?

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